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Membership of the Finnish Bibliodrama Association

A person that has Bibliodrama Director´s training or similar approved by the Board of the Association can be accepted as an actual Member of the Association. The Applicant also has to agree with the purpose and the rules of the Association. The Board has to perceive that the Applicant is conditioned to participate in the activities of the Association.

A private person or a lawfully eligible community that wants to support the purpose and the activities of the Association can be accepted as an Advocacy Member.

To apply for membership an informal membership application is to be directed to the Board of the Association. The application shall be sent to the Chairperson or to the Secretary of the Board.

The Finnish Bibliodrama Association

Bibliodrama, the functional and expressive Bible-reading method has been used in Finland from the year 1986. The training for Bibliodrama Directors started 1988. At the moment there are more than 100 Bibliodrama Directors in Finland. The movement has now matured and organized itself and it is finding its place in the European field of Bibliodrama. The Finnish Bibliodrama Association was established on Sep 12th 2004 within the National Bibliodrama Conference. In the constitutive meeting 37 members joined the Association.

The purpose and the activities

The purpose of Finnish Bibliodrama Association is to develop Bibliodrama and strengthen its status in Finland. The Association strives for promoting co-operation between those that use Bibliodrama. The long-term objective is to secure the training of new Bibliodrama Directors and the up-dating education of the excising Directors. At the moment the Director Training is carried out by the Training Centre of the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church.

The Finnish Bibliodrama Association arranges Conferences, Seminars, training and counselling related to it´s field. Apart from the communication between the Members the Association is also networking with the organizations and institutions that use Bibliodrama both in Finland and elsewhere in the world. The Association also follows the development of the Bibliodrama method around the world and transmits information and know-how within the international co-operation network.